Alderney Accommodation – Terms and Conditions

These terms apply to all self-catering properties offered by the Agency

  1. Contract definitions:
    The contract entered into is between Alderney Accommodation (the Agency) acting on behalf of the property Owner (the Owner) and the person renting the accommodation (the Hirer). The contract is not effective until the required initial payment(s) have been received and written or email confirmation has been sent from the Agency to the Hirer.
  2. Bookings:
    1. Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under the age of 21 years
    2. Bookings cannot be accepted from parties where the majority of members are less than 25 years (except families or supervised groups)
    3. The number of persons occupying a property shall not exceed the maximum stated in the current States Accommodation Permit granted to the property (babies under 24 months are not normally counted as a member of a party)
    4. The Hirer will be completely responsible for all persons included on the booking form and in the party and should ensure that they are all fully aware of the booking conditions
    5. The Agency reserves the right to decline any booking without reason or refuse to hand over a key to any person who has not complied with the booking conditions.
  3. Reservations:
    1. Provisional reservations can be accepted by telephone, email or post and must be confirmed within 7 days by receipt of the required monies as per 3.3) either via bank transfer or cheque by the Agency
    2. Provisional reservations will normally be cancelled after the 7 day period without further reference
    3. To secure and confirm a reservation the Hirer must:
      1. Make full payment to include the security deposit or make a payment of 25% of the rental together with the security deposit, this can be paid by bank transfer or by sending a cheque payable to Alderney Accommodation.
        1. The security deposit is refundable once rents are paid in Full,  Refunds are subject to the terms listed in section 5.
      2. Complete the online booking form confirming arrival/departure details etc
      3. Pay the remaining 75% balance of the rental not less than 6 weeks before the holiday is due to start (it should be noted that reminders are not normally sent out)
    4. Should any due payments not be received within the time specified the Agency reserves the right to cancel the booking and retain any monies already taken.
    5. Bookings made within 6 weeks of the start of the holiday require payment in full at the time of booking together with the required returnable security deposit.
    6. Overseas bookings can be paid for by direct Bank Transfer to the account nominated by the Agency or via MoneyGram. ( Any commission rates or bank charges are for the Hirer’s account
  4. Cancellations:
    1. Once a booking is confirmed the Hirer is responsible for the total cost of the holiday
    2. In the event of cancellation by the Hirer, the Agency will endeavour to re-let the property and if successful will refund seventy-five percent of any amounts in respect of the re-letting less the original security deposit which is non-returnable.
      1. Should the agency be unsuccessful in the re-let of the property the security deposit will be returned to the Hirer, the Owner will determine if any rental moneys are to be returned to the Hirer. Please note this can take up to 30days
  5. Security Deposit:
    1. The security deposit will be held by the Agent for the duration of the Hirer’s booking and will be returned to the Hirer within 30 days of departure providing the Hirer has complied with the Terms set out in this contract and confirmed their refund details.
    2. The security deposit may be used to offset any damage or loss as per section 7. and cover cancellation terms as per section 4.
    3. The security deposit may be used to offset any additional cleaning required after the Hirers departure.
      1. The Hirer is responsible for leaving the accommodations interior/exterior in a good tidy order and a clean condition similar to that it was rented in, otherwise a cleaning charge of £22.00 per hour will be levied.
      2. The Hirer is responsible to comply with the individual departure procedures listed in the property information packs basic requests such as.
        Stripping used beds, emptying dishwashers, washing and putting away dishes, emptying bins, returning any moved furniture to its original place, wiping cookers/ovens, sweeping/hoovering high traffic areas.
    4. The security deposit will be used to pay for any requested groceries or hired equipment the Hirer has prearranged with the Agent.
  6. Booking alterations:
    1. Any change in holiday dates will be subject to written agreement from the Agency.

      1. In the event the Hirer wishes to reduce the number of nights booked after payments  are applied the rental costs will remain fixed as per orginal quote/confirmation. Any reduction in rental charges for the revised number of nights will be determined by the Agent and confirmed in writing.
    2. If for reasons beyond its control the Agency has to cancel or alter arrangements made for the Hirer the Agency will make every effort to offer an alternative property should one be available
    3. Should the Hirer not accept the alternative property offered the Agency will return to the Hirer any monies paid less an administration charge of £60 whereupon the Agency’s liability to the Hirer will cease.
  7. Damage, loss and nuisance:
    1. The Hirer agrees:
      1. That the supervision of babies, children, any adults requiring care and dogs [for dogs – see sect. 10] remains the responsibility of the hirer at all times
      2. That they have been authorised by all members of the visiting party that signing the booking form on their behalf binds all persons staying in the property to these Terms and Conditions and that they together with any other person entering the property with the consent of the Hirer or any member of the party shall be fully responsible for any damage to the property or any of its contents or loss of any of its contents during the term of letting
      3. To pay for the full amount of any damage or loss however caused excluding reasonable wear and tear incurred during the occupation and the Hirer’s liability is not limited to the amount of the returnable security deposit
      4. That the returnable security deposit lodged with the Agency can be used to offset any damage or loss at the property during their stay and that the Agency is authorised to debit their Debit/Credit card for a sum not exceeding the cost of restoring the damage or loss should this exceed the balance of the security deposit after normal deductions
      5. To be responsible for leaving the accommodations interior/exterior in good order and clean condition otherwise a cleaning charge will be levied see section 5.
      6. Not to cause nuisance or annoyance to occupants of any nearby property
      7. To allow the Agency reasonable access to the property should it be deemed necessary
      8. If in the opinion of the Agency or Owner any person is not suitable to continue their occupation of the property because of unreasonable behaviour damage or nuisance to other parties the contract may be terminated and the Agency may repossess the property immediately. The Hirer will remain liable for the whole cost of hire and no refund shall become due
  8. Occupancy:
    Occupancy shall be from 4.00 p.m. on the day of arrival to 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure unless special arrangements have been made directly with the Agency prior to arrival/departure (the housekeepers only have a limited time to prepare the property for the next guests and must be allowed to do so without interruption)
    If early or late access is granted to the Guests it must be understood that the Agent and any arranged Staff or Tradesperson can gain access to the property to complete a task up till 4pm on arrival date or after 10am on departure date without giving prior notice
    Please note: In the event that departure from Alderney is delayed due to any circumstances the property must still be vacated as per the original booking unless a delayed departure from the property has been agreed with the Agency
    Access In the event the Agent or a tradesperson needs to gain access to the property or its premises for whatever reason the Agency will endeavour to prearrange with Guests a suitable time/date subject to the urgency of the visit. Exceptions for Alderney Electricity who cannot provide advance notice.
  9. Services:
    The Hirer must pay for any additional laundry, additional heating – it should be noted that the Properties have set heating times (some of which cannot be altered)
    Please note: refuse disposal
    Should any refuse be left for local disposal by the Hirer on vacating the property it must be properly bagged in leak-proof heavy-duty black refuse sacks – bags must not be overfilled and must be able to be lifted easily. It is important that bins get put out on collection day stated within the properties.
  10. Pets/Dogs:
    The Agency regrets that no pets of any kind are allowed in any properties except for those properties specifically designated as welcoming dogs where normally one short-haired dog up to medium size is allowed by prior arrangement only with the Owner’s full agreement. Please note that when accommodating dogs, an additional £50 per booking will be added to the rental, and a £50 returnable deposit will be required, in case of accidents.Selected properties allow a well behaved dog and it is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure when booking that they have advised the Agency that they wish to bring a dog with them to the property. Also the Hirer must undertake the following:

    1. There must be no more than one dog at the property at any one time
    2. Dogs must be kept under strict control at all times whilst on the premises
    3. No dog must be left unattended either in the property or it’s grounds
    4. Any fouling of lawns paths etc. must be cleared up without delay
    5. The Hirer must bring suitable bedding for the dog or request some in booking form
    6. Dogs are not allowed on beds chairs settees or other soft furniture and have restricted access to the bedrooms
    7. Dogs must be up to date with flea and worming treatments.
    8. In the interest of all visitor’s safety it is the Hirer’s responsibility to advise the Agency of the type of dog the Hirer wishes to bring to the Island
    9. Should a dog be found in a property not listed as accommodating dogs or in a dog-listed property but without the prior express permission of the Agency the Agency is entitled to terminate the letting forthwith and the Hirer will remain liable for the total cost of the holiday without entitlement to any refund whatsoever
    10. The Hirer must acquaint them self with “The Control of Dogs (Alderney) Ordinance 2002” a copy of which can be obtained from the States of Alderney. This regulation applies equally to both local and visiting dogs
  11. Allergies:
    Neither the Agency nor any Owner can be held responsible for any problems arising due to any allergies that affect any member of the Hirer’s party that have not been notified to the Agency both verbally and in writing before accepting the Hirer’s booking
  12. Smoking:
    All listed properties are non-smoking. The Hirer is requested to respect the Owner’s wishes in this regard. Evidence of smoking in a property/its premises will result in a charge being levied on the Hirer for any extra cleaning required and/or to defray any damage to fixtures and fittings resulting from smoking inside the property.
  13. Descriptions:
    1. Whilst the Agency makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the property descriptions they are inevitably subjective and are for guidance only. Should there be points of particular importance for the Hirer please contact the Agency for clarification and for any information subsequently required
    2. Whilst the Agency has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information contained in its brochures website tariffs leaflets advertisements and any other form of promotional material is accurate the Agency reserves the right to alter substitute or withdraw any service facility or amenity without further notice
  14. Liability:
    1. The Agency is acting as agent for the Owner and shall have no liability to the Hirer for any loss,  damage or injury caused by any act or omission outside the Agency’s control
    2. The Agency cannot accept responsibility or liability for any material loss damage, additional expense or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of the property itself and its electrical, oil gas systems, plumbing or otherwise or due to exceptional weather conditions
    3. Should any occurrence take place in the property as per 14.2 above the Agency’s obligations are limited to offering a substitute property if available and/or a refund of rental/part rental paid if justified by the nature of the occurrence. The Hirer must rely upon their travel/holiday insurance for any further out-of-pocket expenses
    4. No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage of personal property (including dogs) vehicles or vehicle contents belonging to the Hirer or any member of the party during the occupancy
    5. If for any reason the accommodation is not available the Agency will refund the returnable deposit and any other monies directly paid by the hirer to the Agency but the Agency and Owner will be under no further liability towards the Hirer
    6. Although fire/smoke/carbon monoxide monitors in the properties are frequently tested by the Agent it is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure all safety monitors are in good working order on their arrival. Any faults must be reported immediately to the Agency using the emergency mobile.
    7. In the event the listed property appliances/facilities become damaged, unusable or removed the Owner will endeavor to remedy the issue within a realistic time frame. The Owner cannot be held responsible if such appliances/facilities are not available to be fixed or purchased on Island at the time.   
  15. Complaints:
    1. If in the opinion of the Hirer there are grounds for complaint it is the duty of the Hirer to liaise with the Agency immediately and in any event before departure to allow remedial action to be taken. The Hirer should telephone Alderney Accommodation on 01481-823332 or email: 
    2. It is specifically agreed that failure by the Hirer to notify the Agency of any complaint in accordance with the timescale set out in clause 15.1 will entitle the Owner and Agency to refuse to entertain the complaint irrespective of its merits
  16. Waiver:
    The failure of the Agency to enforce or exercise at any time or for any period of time any term of or any right pursuant to this agreement does not constitute and shall not be construed as a waiver of any such term or right
  17. Legal provisions:
    1. The Laws of the Bailiwick of Guernsey govern the construction and performance of this Agreement and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Court of Alderney
    2. The Hirer agrees that the contract with the Agency is made at the Agency’s premises and that any proceedings between the parties shall be conducted in the Court of Alderney
    3. Clause headings are for convenience only and do not form part of or affect the interpretation of this Agreement
Travel and Medical Insurance:
The UK Department of Health has removed the reciprocal healthcare arrangement with the Channel Islands. It is therefore essential that all persons visiting Alderney ensure that their travel and medical insurance is current for the duration of their visit and is also valid in the Channel Islands. This will cover you for any unforeseen expenses incurred in case of delays, diversions or cancellation due to adverse weather conditions.


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